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next generation of voice apps.

Transform the way your brand interacts with your consumers and drive tangible results.

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more flexibility

More flexibility

It’s your voice app, so why wait to make any changes?! Make changes in real time, at any time. Your voice app evolves with your ever-changing marketing strategy.

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better comsumer data

Better consumer data

Our flexible experiences are geared towards growing your database at scale. Voice can deliver 50% more marketing permissions than any online channel.

more flexibility

More sales

Add voice to your commerce strategy and get tangible results.

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Voice innovation for digital marketing

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The Voice innovation for digital marketing report is here!

The days of Alexa as a PR stunt to generate some headlines and free media coverage are over. With 1 in 3 UK homes connected to a smart speaker, Alexa has proven to be a powerful marketing channel to reach customers where they care most.

This report highlights past, present and future features that every marketeer needs to start using before it’s too late.


A Sneak-Peak Into theVoice Commerce Space is here!

Voice shopping was worth $40 billion in the US and UK in 2021, it is estimated; in the UK alone, it was valued at £3.5 billion. Amazon leads the smart speaker market with over 70% of the share, and voice shopping will continue to grow rapidly in popularity in the years to come.

When using the channel for shopping, it is mainly a sales channel, rather than a browsing experience, with 70% of purchases made by consumers who know precisely what they want.


Voice Commerce Space

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About vozlab

We are transforming the way brands interact with their consumers through a voice-first approach to deliver tangible results - 50% MORE RESULTS!

Our mission is to challenge the online ecosystem. It’s definitely not crazy to think that in the future brands might not need a website, and a voice app will be all they need.

We are one of Amazon’s prefered voice development partners (check it out!). Our technology has secured us the first place in Amazon’s European Alexa Incubator.

We are very proud to be at the heart of all the action, and even more thrilled to be able to share all the latest innovations in voice with our partners and clients.

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